Overseas Students at BC Hoa Binh School in Japan : Duties and Missions

Hoa Binh Vocational School has cooperated with Taiken Academy – Japan since October 2014. Up to now, Hoa Binh School has sent nearly 100 students to study at Taiken Academy. So every year, it is necessary for the management board of Hoa Binh school to come to Japan to take care of the students’ lives, especially the religious life.
This year, from April 25 to May 1, 2017, the Hoa Binh school delegation included Principal Priest Joseph Nguyen Van Uy, Priest Head of Moral Education Department Joseph Nguyen Trong Hai, Deputy Head of Training Department Do Mr. Tuan, teacher in charge of studying abroad in Japan Tran Thanh Tu, secretary Dao Thi Phuong Uyen, came to Japan to carry out a business trip: Bringing 3rd class students to enroll and have a meeting with leaders at Taiken, visit visiting international students, course 1, course 2.
Mission and living love were the two things that were emphasized during this visit.

Every Young Migrant Is A Missionary Young – the heart of the principal of Hoa Binh Vocational School (TCN HB) is aimed at his children – students who are studying and working in Japan. During the Mass for the Evangelist Mark celebrated on April 25, he shared about the mission of the Church and invited international students to also carry out the mission where they live and study: “Children: Make a good relationship with the people around you. Specifically where we live, they are our neighbors. Greet and smile so they can recognize God in our sincerity and joy.”
During the days in Japan, the Rector and the delegation from Hoa Binh school stayed at the students’ houses. So that you can meet, confess and nurture the faith of the children. Therefore, when Mass is celebrated every day, children can draw on God’s love by listening to His Word and receiving His Body and Blood.
Each Mass and each training session is a topic directed by the Principal, helping the students to always be aware of being young Catholics as the message of the Bishops of Xuan Loc diocese: “Come out, children, good learning ability, know how to keep yourself; living a glorious Vietnamese life, being a Catholic and a student at the BCE Hoa Binh School of Xuan Loc diocese. To testify about God’s love for Japanese people and Vietnamese brothers and sisters who studied with us in Japan but did not know God.”

Family Love in a Foreign Land
The family love of Hoa Binh School is clearly shown in a foreign land – Japan. The students of the 1st and 2nd class went to the airport to welcome the delegation, bringing the joy of the children to meet their father and the students to see the teacher again. In addition, they also help students of course 3 “wet feet and feet dry” in Japan: register necessary documents for staying in Japan, guide the law, traffic laws, how to move, technical skills. viability…
Warm family meals, father and son – teacher and student meeting. Tears of joy rolling down her cheeks accompanied by confiding about many difficulties in spiritual life, now relieved by your advice and forgiveness in the sacrament of Reconciliation.
Tran Phan Thang Tien, head of the representative board of Hoa Binh International Students, expressed: “We were brought up in the love of the first family including parents and siblings. Now we are also supported by the second family, the Middle School of Hoa Binh, in the love of the Bishop of Xuan Loc diocese, the Rector, the father, the teachers and the whole school. Being aware of our responsibilities, we are the brothers and sisters who went ahead, so we are ready to help the newcomers, so that they are no longer surprised. At the same time, shoulder a part of the work, helping to reduce the hardship for parents and teachers.
Regarding the necessary presence of parents and teachers, Tien added: “Whenever we are visited like this by our fathers and teachers, we feel happy, happy and touched. Because of the circumstances, our parents cannot come here to visit our children, in return, parents and teachers like fathers, mothers, and brothers are present to encourage us when we are weak, to guide us when we are weak. children are mistaken and especially always have the right and timely instructions so that we can live well and develop as the concept of Hoa Binh School: “Comprehensive Human Development””.
Not only Hoa Binh students feel the joy, but the Vietnamese people living in the Asaka area also feel warm. A representative of the Asaka community shared: “I have never seen a school that takes children to study abroad with such dedicated care. For Catholic international students, they need to be nurtured in terms of material and spiritual life. Parents and teachers of Hoa Binh school not only bring their children here to study, but also regularly visit and guide them. This is very precious, the pastor of the Asaka church also appreciates it and hopes it will continue forever.”
Mr. Masaaki Saito, deputy head of the international exchange department of Taiken Academy, also expressed: “The students of Hoa Binh School live together very harmoniously, like brothers in a family. They know how to support each other in learning. Hope you guys keep this spirit and work hard to study more

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